IPTV Reseller subscription

IPTV Reseller Panel

You will receive a fully manageable IPTV reseller panel. You can create, scale and delete users for your customers. You have complete control. If we update, we will first inform you so that you know what will change. You can log in to the IPTV panel with this username and password.

Credits are stored in your IPTV panel, this way you can spend whenever you want. There is no time limit for your credits. They are not deleted after a while. All you have to take care of is recruiting customers!

How do I become a reseller?

  • - Go to the register page and create an account.
  • - You will receive an email with an activation code within a few seconds.
  • - Please active your "MEWEBTV" account.
  • - Click on login and log in with your email address and password.
  • - Now you have access to your MEWEBTV account.
  • - Finally go to the reseller MEWEBTV page.

  • What is the payment method for buying credits?

    We only accept Bitcoins for buying credits. Bitcoin address is listed as your login to your MEWEBTV Account. Send Bitcoins to the bitcoin address and upload the proof of payment, and your credits will be added.

    We offer a good price for the credits.

    We offer no less than that. For example, you cannot add 150 or 60 credits. You must add 200 credits. 200 credits is the starting price.

    Selling price:

    - 1 month = 6 credits
    - 3 months = 15 credits
    - 6 months = 25 credits
    - 12 months = 45 credits

    - Starting price € 200, - for 200 credits
    - € 500, - for 550 credits
    - € 1000, - for 1150 credits
    - € 2000, - for 2400 credits

    Let's get started with MEWEBTV
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