IPTV Free Trial 48 hrs

Try the free 48-hour IPTV free trial today.

Pay attention!
We do not accept temporary e-mails. Don't try. The system automatically removes all temporary e-mails.

The IPTV free trial starts when you receive an email from us!

First, try a 48-hour IPTV free trial before buying. This subscription is only available for 48 hours, and if you misuse it, the system will automatically detect and ban your IPTV addresses (proxy will not work). The system does not accept the temporary email. Please mind carefully. Don't try it because all temporary emails will be deleted automatically.

Please do not use VPN. The free trial period will be emailed to you with instructions for viewing on different devices.

48 hour test period is available for the following devices:
- VLC Player (Android - IOS - WINDOWS)
- GSE Player (Android - IOS)
- Perfect Player (Android)
- Kodi (Android - IOS - WINDOWS)
- Smart TV (Samsung or LG TV)

If you have devices such as MAG 250 or higher versions or devices that support MAC address. Please create a ticket. We are happy to help you further.